New Salem Neighborhood Watch

We (The New Salem Neighborhood Watch aka NSNW) are writing residents to let all know who we are and what we do for you. We are a group of volunteers who drive the Neighborhood Watch vehicle in our neighborhoods on Lookout Mountain six days a week.

Besides patrolling the area and looking for any suspicious activities, we provide drive-up property checks for residents who are out of town and welfare checks for homebound residents. You can request these services by emailing us with your request at

These services are all provided with volunteers – many of whom are your neighbors and friends. New Salem Neighborhood Watch does receive some assistance from Dade County and the Dade County Sheriff Office. All donations we receive help NSNW to continue to operate and patrol six days a week and from time to time expand services.

As many of you know, we have recently had a new ownership in one restaurant and the re-opening of a local barbeque restaurant. Both of these establishments have a robust crowd on Sunday and we do not want to interfere with their Sunday customers. In lieu of a fund raising luncheon this year, we are sending you this notification of our services and gratefully request your financial assistance.

You can donate by mailing a check to: Tom Pounds, 298 Wild Acres Lane, Rising Fawn, GA 30738 – make check payable to New Salem Neighborhood Watch. Donate online

If you have any questions or comments you can email us at the email address above and we will respond quickly.

Thank you in advance for your support in the past and for this year. We look forward to continuing to provide a critical community service.

Sincerely Your Neighborhood Watch Volunteers,